All about choosing Curtains

All about choosing Curtains


Do you worry about your curtains not fitting correctly? Maybe ones in the past have been too long, or not full enough to fill your window? You may want to have a go at measuring your own windows, and this is a great way to get an idea of how much fabric you are going to need and what the costs are going to be. We can send our expert curtain fitter (with his many years’ experience) to measure up and get your curtains fitting perfectly. He will look at any special features in the room such as coving, power sockets, window sills furniture and beams that may need to be taken into consideration and may be things that you miss. The precise position and length of the curtain pole and track will be worked out along with the drop of the curtains in order to make them look as perfect as possible.


Linings give that all important ‘foundation’ to your curtains. Think of it as like the underlay of a carpet. To the naked eye it is not particularly attractive, but it’s a necessary base that protects and shows a top layer that is decorative. There is such a huge range from cotton rich blackout linings, domette and bump interlinings to add that extra luxurious fullness with added thermal & sound blocking properties as well as offering that extra layer of privacy by preventing the fabric being transparent. The list colours and types of lining is endless and sometimes confusing. Many curtain makers have their preferred ‘go-to’ lining fabrics and brands which handle well and obtain the finish customers are looking for. Without any lining at all, curtains appear limp & un-homely as well as giving an untidy appearance from the outside of the house looking in.

Lining curtains also gives the fabric protection from sunlight which would otherwise fade and degrade the fabric. This is especially important as it can enhance the lifespan of your curtains and give you extra value for money in the long run. We can advise you on the right lining for your circumstances and which ones are best to enhance the appearance of your curtains.

Hanging curtains

Have you decided if you are going to use tracks or poles? This will affect the overall appearance of the curtains. We now supply tracks that look like poles in the form of ‘Metropoles’ or ‘Gliderpoles’. The track mechanism is inside a ‘pole’ and can suit both modern and more traditional interiors. They can also be bent to fit bay windows and even be motorised, so you can open and close them via a remote control!  These bridge the gap between the two different ‘looks’. A traditional track has runners which the curtain attaches to, whereas a normal pole has rings from which the curtains hang. We can talk you through the benefits of both tracks and poles to help you make your decision. A lot depends on which type of heading you choose for your curtains and this in turn affects how much fabric you need for your curtains which we call ‘fullness’.

Our showroom offers such a wide range of tracks and poles in an array of finishes from contemporary metallic to neutral colours which match your paintwork to natural or painted wood. There is definitely something to fit all budgets with small samples to take away and try at home.


Buy what you can afford rather than the cheapest possible – your curtains are going to last for years and are an investment. Spending more on curtains for main areas such as living rooms and master bedrooms often reap rewards as those are the areas you are going to enjoy your curtains the most. On the other hand, you any choose to select a more economical fabric for your guest bedrooms where curtains are going to have less exposure, although you still wish them to look smart and attractive to your guests and enhance the overall look of the room. There are many fabrics which give an appearance of luxury or expense without the price tag.

Your budget will influence the fabric choice plus whether you have your curtains both lined and interlined or just lined.

Room style and scheme

Colours and patterns affect the whole room and give different impressions and ‘look’. Choosing fabric for curtains means taking into consideration the wall and furniture colour and style, as well as any other colours you wish to pick out from paintings or accessories in the room. Are you going for a traditional ‘country cottage‘ look, or something more contemporary?

Finally, all things considered, there is nothing quite like a pair of curtains that have been made just for you and your room! If you are thinking about curtains why not come and see us at our showroom just outside Winchcombe? You can be assured of a warm welcome, expert advice and you can view our range of over 80 styles of curtain poles & tracks and 100’s of different curtain fabrics with something to suit everybody’s taste and budget.


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