Large triangular windows

Are an increasingly popular architectural trend because of their light and airy aspect. Triangular windows also feature in gable ends of conservatories and orangeries and can be a striking feature.

The popularity of triangular windows is leading to increased demand for Pinoleum Blinds to transform the harsh glare of the sun into soft, dappled light. This helps to make the room a relaxing and pleasant to be in. Pinoleum blinds are also sometimes called  plantation blinds or colonial blinds and the word pinoleum can be traced back to the 19thCentury and has its roots in classical Latin pīnus pine + oleum oil.

Pinoleum blinds are a living breathing solution

They work differently to pleated blinds. This is because they absorb heat and transfer it to the frame of the window or conservatory throughout the day. When the sun sets the structure then releases the heat into the atmosphere.

With pinoleum blinds you can enjoy a softer and more natural effect in your home. The natural simplicity of our pinoleum blinds make them suitable for contemporary interiors and are guaranteed to create a welcoming atmosphere into your home.

All of our products are made to high specifications and are designed to last and to give you years of trouble free operation. You can rely on our products to serve you well.

We offer a range of natural designs and tones

As well as a wide range of colours. This variety combined with our specially designed system is therefore the perfect match of style with a practical solution. Our experience in working with the unique challenges that Pinoleum blinds present, make us the perfect choice for your project.

Various Pinoleum Side Blind operation styles are available, including endless cord loop Roman Fold, cord lock Roman Fold or Roll up. Motorisation options are also available

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