Gable End Blinds

Large triangular windows are an increasingly popular architectural trend because of their light and airy aspect. They are also a popular choice for new build rural properties to make the most of the surroundings but have always been difficult to shade. Traditional shading solutions always come with compromises, curtains tend to billow and take light out and roof blinds need guide wires or cords.

The Clearview pleated blind

Is the perfect solution and overcomes these compromises providing a neat, attractive and functional solution to cover such large gable ends windows. It is specifically aimed at conservatories, barn conversions and rooms with a shaped end window.

The Clearview blind

Is available in a wide range of natural designs and tones, as well as a wide range of colours. This variety combined with our specially designed system is therefore the perfect match of style with a practical solution. It is also available in Alu-pleat which offers the ultimate in heat reflection and insulation. It can be operated electrically with a remote control and a smart phone app allowing you to use voice activation and the option to control your blinds even when you’re away from home.

All of our products are made to high specifications and are designed to last and to give you years of trouble free operation. You can rely on our products to serve you well and of course you will benefit from our many years’ of experience with these specialised kind of blinds.

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